Natural Right Of Self-Defense

Every individual has a natural right of self-defense.

When an individual joins a social order, the individual trades that natural right for the promise that society makes to defend its individual members from violence and wrongdoing.

Should this trust be broken, it is only natural for the individual to wish to revert to protecting themselves.

  • Our lawmakers pass laws without reading them – and openly admit it.
  • Our lawmakers propose laws that make absolutely no sense (Senator Feinstein’s Amazing 158-Item Random-A-Rama, for example) – and continue supporting them even against overwhelming criticism (as well as common sense and basic mathematics), which raises the question of what is the real purpose of such ridiculous legislation?
  • Our Attorney General is petitioning a court not to release documents related to “Operation Fast And Furious”, which has resulted in over 300 deaths. A high-ranking member of “the most transparent administration ever” is practically begging a court to keep his secrets from seeing the light of day.
  • Our voting process is utterly broken, with 100’s of instances of proven fraud – not to mention 1000’s of “inconsistencies” such as 150%+ voter turnout and 100.00% votes for 1 candidate in a particular area.
  • The man currently occupying the highest executive office in the land has subverted the very document that grants him the authority to govern the country, openly defied court orders, and committed acts of treason by providing financial assistance as well as advanced weaponry to avowed enemies of our nation.

Everywhere we look, we see the continued and systematic destruction of the legal and moral framework of the country.

We can no longer trust the office of the President or the Legislative Branch.

We can no longer trust this society to protect our rights as individuals.

Yet they’re utterly amazed that we’re reverting to the natural right of self-defense.

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