Liberal Anti-Rape Strategies VS Conservative Anti-Rape Strategies

Life imitates art.

Less than 48 hours after I posted the “Liberal vs Conservative Anti-Rape Tips” Tweet, which generated over 300 retweets and inspired me to make a JPEG version:

Liberal VS Conservative Rape Tips

…this happened…

AmandaMarcotte tweetThe link leads to an article on The Globe and Mail (UK) about a program conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia, which reduced sexual assaults by 10%. Note this number, there will be a quiz later. The campaign included posters such as these:


Miss Marcotte is pretty sure about the effectiveness of this strategy, with an emphatic “it works” statement. A quick look at her Twitter timeline reveals a mindset firmly opposed to using firearms to deter and stop rapists, despite regrettable personal experience with the subject. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, as misguided as it may be.

A few hours later, this Tweet by @flyoverangel floated by & caught my attention:

Flyoverangel tweet

Granted, a single sample does not make a statistical case, but I’m not trying to prove a definitive pattern, only to illustrate the difference in mindsets.

liberal woman thinks it’s a great idea to ask men nicely not to commit rape, and get a 10% reduction.

A conservative woman would rather take a solution that produces a 90% reduction in rapes.

Life. Imitates. Art.

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One thought on “Liberal Anti-Rape Strategies VS Conservative Anti-Rape Strategies

  1. I think you’re missing the point. The idea of ‘teaching not to rape’ isn’t to tell a man nicely they shouldn’t rape. It’s to dismantle rape culture and the idea that women’s bodies are up for the takings because they are women, that if they are drunk, or out to party or walking alone they deserve what they get. Rape is never okay, rape is never acceptable.

    And yes I said man because majority of rapists are men and rape culture is a culture that is problematic among most hetoernomative men. They and unfortunately, some women too, perpetuate the culture. However not to say, men aren’t raped as well; they are, and its horrifying. That’s why ‘consent is sexy’ movements (currently ongoing at many campuses) need to be put to scale; by changing the way we view consent and changing the way we view sexuality, we can change behaviors that are committed because of a culture that both acknowledges that rape is sometimes okay and doesn’t punish the act afterwards.

    Rape is wrong every time, no matter the circumstances. Man/woman/transgender/hermaphrodite- regardless of whether you are male/female/anything bodies or what sexuality- rape is wrong.

    However people see it as a woman’s issue because unfortunately they are the majority of rape victims and it’s a problem that’s ingrained in society.

    The idea that anyone should have to be responsible for not getting raped is offensive to every survivor.

    People object to firearms being passed out because they object to more people owning guns- because most people aren’t emotionally capable of handling that responsibility- and giving them a weapon that will allow them to kill someone is a terrible idea. I’d like to reduce gun deaths, not increase them; and even as a survivor, I would rather see rapists/abusers in a judicial system that criminalizes the crime not the victim, in a system that puts them behind bars so they can’t do it again- then dead.


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