Colorado Legislature Shoots Itself In The Foot, Multiple Times & From Different Angles

Magpul, one of the largest producers of high-capacity magazines in the world, threatened to leave its home state of Colorado if the state legislators approve a controversial bill that would ban high-capacity magazine sales in Colorado. Magpul employs over 200 Coloradans directly, and does business with 400+ other suppliers and contractors. The company contributes over $ 85 million per year to the Colorado treasury.

Today, 02/18/2013, the Colorado House of Representatives did approve the bill. Pointless restrictions that harm only law-abiding citizens have won out over common sense, not to mention basic economics. The high-capacity magazine ban is 1 of 4 bills that were passed in the House and are now referred to the State Senate.

House Bill 1224 limits magazines to 15 rounds for rifles and pistols, and 8 shells for shotguns. Democrat Representative Beth McCann of Denver said that high-capacity magazines had been used in numerous high-profile spree shootings, and specifically cited the Tucson shooting committed by Jared Loughner, which left Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords close to death. McCann argued that “It was because [Loughner] was reloading one of those high-capacity magazines that he was prevented from killing additional people”, adding that Loughner was tackled to the ground during a reloading pause.

The bill includes an interesting provision that allows high-capacity magazines to still be produced in Colorado, they would just have to be sold out of state. Because, as it is well-known, a potential mass murderer would never think of driving across state lines to procure an “instrument of destruction”. This provision, a beyond-obvious attempt to appease Magpul, clearly shows that not only are the Colorado Representatives completely clueless about the driving factors behind violent crime, but are also willing to contradict their principles for the sake of money.

House Bill 1226 bans concealed weapons carry on college campuses.

The arguments for and against the bill clearly reveal the priorities of the Democrat and Republican parties. The sponsor of the bill, Democrat Representative Claire Levy, stated: “There are a lot of students who simply are not ready to be in the presence of firearms. It’s a dangerous mix”. Republican Representative Lois Landgraf offered a counter-argument: “A rapist entering a women’s dorm will not be stopped by a whistle or a call box.”  Yet another perfect example of a Democrat legislator sacrificing real security and putting real people at risk for the sake of potentially protecting a nebulous “readiness” of others.

In 2003, Colorado State University allowed concealed carry weapons on campus. Here’s the result:

CSU Crime Rate

This chart is about to start going back up.

(Chart source: Erik Soderstrom @soderstrom via @365conservative)

But, don’t let the reality of concealed weapons causing a drop in the crime rate deter Democrats from doing what they do best – caring about feelings…

Had enough of the insanity? But wait, there’s more!

House Bill 1229 mandates background checks on private-party sales – ignoring over a century of legal precedent, in which sales of firearms between private parties do not require background checks. Only licensed firearms dealers are required by law to conduct background checks.

In recent times, this clear distinction between dealer and private sales has become muddled thanks to Leftist demagoguery in the form of the “gun-show loophole” argument, which demonizes private sales conducted at gun shows as somehow being a “loophole” and a contributing factor to armed crime. Notwithstanding the fact that criminals do not follow laws by definition, the fake statistic of 40% of guns being sold without background checks was concocted, wrapped up in a misleading-but-oh-so-slick phrase, and gladly seized upon by slave media. Words mean things, and a lie repeated often enough, while not becoming a truth per se, does lead weak minds into accepting it as such.

In addition to being pointless and setting a dangerous precedent, the background checks mandated by HB 1229 would not be conducted by the FBI NICS system, which has performed countless millions of background checks since its inception in 1997 (yes, we’ve had a “universal background check system” for over a decade now, as shocking as it may be to, apparently, every Democrat out there) – but Colorado’s own, overloaded and severely backlogged CBI. What earthly reason is there to forsake a well-established, proven, extremely fast, and dirt-cheap (free in many locations) system, and use a broken and overloaded alternative?


Pictured: CBI itself admits being out of control

But wait, what’s this? Rounding out today’s lineup of lunacy is House Bill 1228, which institutes a fee for background checks.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation is going to charge “between $5 and $12″ for these checks? Now that makes sense! Colorado legislators would rather commit a de facto violation of the “no waiting period” law of their own state, forcing new gun buyers to wait for at least several days, rather than use the FBI NICS, which returns a result within 15 minutes to 4 hours – all for the sake of scrounging a few more pennies into the treasury.

Well, can’t fault them for trying to acquire more money. After all, that’s 1/2 of a politician’s job (the other half is acquiring power). But, let’s do the math.

If Magpul makes good on its promise to leave the state and takes with it the estimated $ 85 million that they contribute to the economy of Colorado, how many background checks would CBI need to run to compensate for it? $ 85,000,000 / $ 12 = 7,083,333.3.

The total population of Colorado is only 5,187,582 (US Census, Jul 2012).

This means that not only would every single man, woman, and child in Colorado have to buy a gun, but an ADDITIONAL 1.9 MILLION sales would need to occur, just to cover the loss resulting from Magpul’s departure. And this would need to occur every single year, not just once.

Colorado House of Representatives – not only violating a century of legal precedent, endangering women, but screwing over the citizens of Colorado financially at the same time.

That’s some impressive multitasking.

UPDATE 02/20/2013:

Now that these monstrosities have passed the House, they should be defeated in the Senate.

Please contact the Senators and tell them that HB 1224, 1226, 1228, and 1229 are all horrible ideas, and should not pass in the Colorado Senate!

Here’s the contact information for CO Senate (source: Magpul FB post, h/t Katie Pavlich. Follow her on Twitter: @KatiePavlich)

I’ve found the Twitter accounts for most of the Colorado Senators, too – Tweet @ them and express your opinion!

Colorado Senate GOP on Twitter: @ColoSenGOP

Irene Aguilar
Twitter: @AguilarFor32

David Balmer

Randy Baumgardner
Twitter: @CapitalCowboy

Greg Brophy
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Bill Cadman
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Morgan Carroll
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Larry Crowder

Angela Giron
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Kevin Grantham
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Lucia Guzman
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Ted Harvey

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Mary Hodge
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Cheri Jahn
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